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Safety, Health & Environment


The safety and health of our employees and customers are of course of the utmost importance.


Every year, we have an independent consultant draw up a risk inventory & evaluation (RI&E) and we follow up on the resulting points for improvement.


In addition, the Safety, Health & Environment departments of our chemical customers conduct an annual audit with us.

The environment is also an important factor in our pursuit of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

BRAAM Logistics has set itself the goal of reducing our CO² emissions step by step, through

(among other things)

  • No more use of gas in our new warehouse Solar panels on our roofs LED-lighting More LHV (long heavy transport) for more efficient transport

  • Our vehicles run with Euro 6 engines, the cleanest diesel engines available at the moment

  • Driving training for our drivers

  • We strive for CO2 neutral transport and warehousing in 2027 and of course follow the developments in our sector closely.

  • This also helps to further reduce your carbon footprint.

  • As a family business, BRAAM Logistics is very involved with employees, customers and our environment/region.

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