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What BRAAM Logitistics offers you?

What BRAAM Logitistics offers you?


Reliable, good software is essential in logistics. BRAAM uses Istia: a 100% cloud-based WMS (Warehouse Management System) / TMS (Transport Management System) system that can be easily integrated. This software combines financial, logistical and administrative business processes in an overarching WMS.

It offers a transparent insight into the supply chain processes and the entire stock, optimizing the flow of goods. It is possible in this WMS to make a link with the ERP system, the webshop or other applications of the customer. BRAAM uses barcode scanners, so the chances of error are very small.

The advantages of the WMS: real-time insight into the stock (historical) data on incoming and outgoing goods optimization of supply chain processes integration possible with the ERP system of customers and suppliers reports and processes that are measurable and can be adjusted where necessary (KPIs). Using the WMS, our professional employees offer a customer-oriented solution in the field of fulfillment, warehousing and value added logistics.


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