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We like to add value to your product

Our warehousing services include:

• Inbound (container) transport

• Unloading containers, sorting and palletising goods, also at customer locations    

>>> BRAAM has experienced, efficient unloading teams available 7 days a week

• Receipt and entry control of goods

• Storage and stock management

>>> 15,000 m² storage facility (about 30,000 pallet places)

>>> Customs warehouse (customs warehouse/bonded warehouse)

• Order picking, customer-oriented packaging (possibly incl labelling)

• Quality control

• Unloading (stripping) and loading (stuffing) containers

• Outgoing (container) transport.

In accordance with the Logistics Service used by us Terms and Conditions, the goods we store remain your property. It is  therefore important to make clear agreements with regard to the insurance of the goods according to your requirements. If desired, we can advise you on this.

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